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Mabry Ridge subdivision located in Hall county, ZIP Code 30518.

Sales activity in 2020 for "Mabry Ridge" subdivision

No results for 2020:

Sales activity in 2019 for "Mabry Ridge" subdivision

3 homes were sold in Mabry Ridge with an average price of $450,600 and median price of $478,800.

The least expensive home sold was $388,000 and most expensive home sold was $485,000.

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Properties for Sale (Todays date) 4
2020 Properties Sold to date 0
2019 Properties Sold 4
2019 Highest Active Listing Price $480,000
2020 Highest Active Listing Price $0
2019 Lowest Active Listing Price $449,800
2020 Lowest Active Listing Price $0
2019 Average Price Sold $466,050
2020 Average Price Sold $0
2019 Median Price Sold $484,350
2019 Average # of days on market 37 days
2020 Average # of days on market 0 days

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